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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:24pm EST

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it took 20 firefighters more than 30 minutes to rescue a 10-year-old maryland girl who fell down a well. >> the scene of a deadly weekend mall shooting is reopening today. tonight we know much more about the shooter and where he bought the gun. >> the owners say aguilar came in looking for an entry level shotgun like this one for home defense. they've actually turned down potential buyers here who made them uncomfortable, but they
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say that was not the case with aguilar. >> what the gun shop owners witnessed and why they did sell him a gun. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at the columbia malnow reopened in the wake of tragedy. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. you might want to crank your heat. looks like we're about to get hit with polar vortex part two. >> the midwest is taking the brunt of this cold weather, 6 below 0 in some parts of that area. many schools canceled classes tomorrow because it could hit negative 40 with the wind chill. >> that is cold. >> that should make you feel maybe a little better about the cold weather we're about to get. let's head over to first alert meteorologist topper shutt. how low will it go? >> these are not wind chills. these are actual temps, 20 below international falls, 11 below in minneapolis, 6 below in chicago.
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we've just now started to get the arctic air. we've reloaded. we're a paltry 25. we have the wind chill advisory for essentially most of the metro area from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. wind chill advisories, wind chills 0 to 15 below, does not include southern maryland, but prepare for below 0 wind chills. factor in the temperatures right now, it's 18 in gaithersburg, 25 in d.c. it was 54 today. factor in the wind, feels like it's 10, feels like it's 4 in gaithersburg and manassas. we will come back and i've got snow in the forecast tomorrow night. when it gets this cold, what happens to a lot of our heating systems? they get overloaded. >> yes, they do. it's a concern this frigid weather could sweep the country and take a toll on its resources. bge and pepco have already expressed concerns asking us all to conserve electricity especially during peak hours at 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5:00 to 9:00. you and i have plenty of
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company for this week's deep freeze. misery loves company, right? folks in chicago spent the whole day below 0 and people in ohio watched the wind blow so hard they created these snow rollers. those icebox temperatures are moving fast toward us here in the dmv and across the east. even the deep south will feel the freeze and some parts of the south could get 1/2-foot of snow. a 10-year-old girl is recovering tonight after she fell down a 30-foot well in maryland today. >> it happened in the 800 block of 200th 7th street of pasadena around 4 p.m. mola lenghi tells us how that young girl survived. >> reporter: friends of the family who live at this home say the 10-year-old girl lives here part time and it was on this property where she fell into the well. while the 10-year-old girl was trapped it was the initial fall that was more concerning. fire crews tell cbs when someone falls down three times their actual height, that fall
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is considered traumatic. officials are still investigating how the girl fell into the uncovered well and are also trying to determine whether there's a penalty for leaving a well uncovered. to rescue the young girl firefighters lowered themselves into the 3-foot wide well. >> it's approximately 20 personnel 30 minutes to remove the girl from the well. >> reporter: the girl was flown to johns hopkins hospital conscious at the time and she suffered nonlife threatening injuries. mola lenghi, wusa9. new tonight passengers on an american eagle flight from d.c. to chicago had to make quite the exit. check it out. they had to use that emergency slide when they landed at o'hare. adam chudd took this picture for us who was on board the plane. the pilots worried there was something wrong and ordered the emergency evacuation out of what they call an abundance of caution. all 57 passengers and four crew members made it out safely. a developing story from
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anne arundel county where two men were found shot to death in glen burnie. police were called to this home on windover road around 5 p.m. there were calls of shots fired. people who lived in the lower portion of the home were not injured. a propane leak may to be blame for this fire. sky9 flew over the scene in the 1300 block of wyndham lane in wheaton. there was smoke coming from the back of the home. one person has minor injuries. tomorrow columbia mall in maryland will open for its very first full day of business since the deadly shooting over the weekend, but zumies which was the scene of the rampage of darion ago already is still closed and will remain that way -- darion aguilar is still closed and will remain that way. >> reporter: columbia mall is
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open today, but no one is hiding the grief for the two victims, mourners shedding tears laying flowers at a public memorial at the mall's south entrance. >> i just felt like i needed to come out here. i wanted to get away from work, sit down in see silence and just think about the victims, think about tyler. >> reporter: inside congress nan elijah cummings consoled two shattered mall visitors. cummings bought a sandwich and talked about moving forward. >> we've got to not let the violence stop us us from doing the things we normally do. >> reporter: hundreds of employees entered together. after a meeting inside a theater most were solemn carrying flowers. inside zumies, the store where johnson and benlolo were senselessly gunned down is simply boarded up with a white memorial wall acknowledging the tragedy and thanking first responders and community for support.
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at the fountain a quiet area for employees to drop flowers in the water and spine a condolence book. -- and sign a condolence book. the 1 p.m. opening was led by ken ulman. >> we wanted to show our respect to the victims and also let the community know the mall is open and we're going back about our lives. >> reporter: soon governor martin o'malley visited with a similar message as the mall came back to life. >> i want tone courage everybody to stop by, if you -- to encourage everybody to stop by, if you, can sometime this week and show your solidarity for the people of columbia. >> we just want to show we're getting back to normal. >> reporter: but nothing about today at the columbia mall is business as usual. >> for it to happen in your own back yard it's very surreal. >> i needed to do this for me to try to get some closure so i wouldn't feel unsafe trying to come back stop other time. >> reporter: representative cummings among those reminding us today that howard county is among the safest communities in america to live and if tragedy
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like this could happen here, it could happen anywhere. scott broom, wusa9. meantime at the rockville gun shop where darion aguilar purchased the shotgun he used on saturday, the owners tell our bruce leshan there was no sign that he was any sort of risk. >> reporter: at united gun shop in rockville the owners say the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms called the day of the shooting to tell them the gun was purchased in their store. they remembered aguilar, gave agents his name but say he was so mild mannered they were convinced at first someone must have shot him and stolen the gun. the owners say that aguilar came in looking for an entry level shotgun like this one for home defense. they've actually turned down potential buyers here who made them uncomfortable but say that was not the case with aguilar, no red flags. he was very polite, said please and thank you, no signs of
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mental illness. he kept asking questions about gun safety. he answered all the questions for the national instant background check correctly and when they submitted his name, it immediately came back telling them they could proceed with the sale. aguilar bought the mossburg 12 gauge on december 10th and came back just before christmas to buy another box of bird shot. >> we have noguns in our house. we have never had guns in our house. >> reporter: aguilar's mother said she is just as mystified as anyone about aguilar's motive for attacking people at the columbia mall. she does not believe he knew either briana benlolo or tyler johnson. >> if you were to go in his room, you would see what a gentle sweet kid he was. he's never, never had a gun before, never been interested
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in guns, never been interested in anything like that. i don't know what happened. i just don't know what happened. the d.c. police department facing three lawsuits claiming civil liberties violations including wrongful death, use of excessive force and racial profiling. the suits specifically target the troubled 7th police district. >> the metropolitan police department of the district of columbia is violating the constitutional rights of citizens in the district. it's violating the constitution al rights of those persons who come to visit in the district and in many instances it's violating the constitutional rights of young african american men and even outright engaging in racial profiling. >> the lawsuits center on the police shooting death of 34-
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year-old clement sweatson and the search and detainment of a young black student claimed to be racially profiled. super bowl days a we and a battle brewing between new jersey and new york. >> and vacation ruined for hundreds of people on a cruise ship, those stories and more in your world in 90 seconds. >> officials from the centers for disease control boarded the royal caribbean explorer of the seas to send the ship back to new jersey. a stomach bug left more than 600 passengers and crew members sick. it's suspected the fast spreading norovirus by health officials. >> i'm on cloud nine now, just won a grammy. >> music icon, writing stars and grammy winners hit the red carpet at the universal music group party. >> trying to do a good job soaking everything in. >> after a long day winners were ready to relax and party. >> a new study reviews prevention and treatments for the common cold and finds clean hands are key to prevention.
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the researchers also found zinc supplements may work for kids and caughts and pro biotics may also help is that the marlboro man eric lawson died from respiratory failure brought on by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. he started smoking at 14 years old and kept on with the habit until he was diagnosed with copd. >> as the broncos take on the seahawks in super bowl xlviii. >> i kind of think that new jersey has been slighted. >> in the battle for super bowl bucks new york city has must see tourist attractions, world class restaurants and soon a seven-story toboggan run in times square. new jersey is making its big push to attract super bowl visitors. just about all of the nfl pregame activities are in new york. a florida congressman caught buying drugs has resigned from office.
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it's republican trey radel arrested last year for buying cocaine from an undercover cop on dupont circle. today the clerk of the house republicans took to the floor to read his -- house of representatives took to the floor to read his resignation letter. >> i cannot fully and effectively serve as a united states representative to the place i love and call home, southwest florida. >> radel pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge and took a leave of absence to undergo rehab in florida and initially said he planned to stay on, but the republican party was calling on him to step down and the ethics committee was about to launch an investigation. d.c. council member marion barry back home tonight finally. he's been in the hospital the last 16 days being treated for a blood infection. the former mayor was released from the hospital today. he is 77 years old. tomorrow night d.c.'s teacher of the year will be sitting with michelle obama and
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mrs. biden. hollow well mackel was asked about the call she got last friday. >> someone from the office today me that dr. biden would like to invite me as her guest to the state of the union on tuesday and i was just totally floored. i couldn't believe it. i thought, you know, maybe this was a prank. >> it was no prank, though. she's going to be there tomorrow night. some of the other guests include carlos arredondo, a survivor of the boston marathon bombings, and gary byrd, fire chief of moore, oklahoma, who led the search and rescue effort after a huge tornado hit the town. you can watch the state of the union tomorrow night on wusa9 at 9 p.m. following the address the president will take off wednesday morning for a two day tour to promote his proposal and kick it off at a costco in lanham, maryland, where he'll talk about the economy and then
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he'll head to a steel plant near pittsburgh and make stops in wisconsin and tennessee. there's a case of cuteness overload at the national zoo. if you think bao bao the panda is adorable, wait until you see the two newest cubs. >> who would not want to get on a plane and leave this cold weather? >> and dozens of local grad students planning to get the heck out of dodge, why they aren't letting sochi security concerns stop them
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the fears over security are still the big story coming out of sochi, russia, the site of this year's winter olympics, but despite the fact of possible terror attacks 26 grad students in sports management from gw university are headed off to the games next month to take a closer look at the behind the scenes operations at all of the venues and the olympic village. >> the university has really made us feel safe. they have numbers to call. we've enrolled in programs. international sos sends us e- mails about security, so it helps us feel more prepared for it. >> the russians have deployed more than 50,000 police and
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military handling security at the games which begins february 6th. this frigid weather has a lot of us dreaming of a warm get-away, so how does a trip to aruba, the bahamas or jamaica sound? >> sounds good to me. >> today southwest airlines begins flying to those tropical destinations. >> if you're treating, i'm going. >> i love southwest, no hassle with getting your bags. bao bao may have some competition in the cuteness department. >> this is a live look at the national zoo's newest members, two little african lion cubs. naba is their mama. they gave birth to three cubs friday. sadly one did not make it. you'll only be able to see them on the lion cub cam for now, but this spring they make their debut and these two could soon have some playmates. zookeepers say their dad luke just may have gotten aunt ciba pregnant.
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always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> yeah, man, lions got a whole different way of doing things. >> evidently. >> they're bold and brave. >> 54 today, pay attention, 59 last monday and then we go into this deep freeze. the good news is not quite as cold or long this time. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. temps have just plummeted, 25 now, dew point 1, so relative humidity is 36%. indoor relative humidity is about 8 to 9%, winds north, northwest at 23. that's driving wind chills down to around 0. satellite picture radar combined, i'm going to zoom into the gulf coast, doesn't look ominous now, but there's moisture gathering from texas through the southeast up into the eastern sections of the carolinas. the cold air is driving south. they're looking at a pretty good ice and snowstorm.
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a few leftover clouds are lingering east of 95. they will clear ugg later tonight. we will go clear to -- clear us later tonight. we will go clear to partly cloudy. see the white shaded here? that is winter storm warnings. when is the last time you've seen winter storm warnings from the houston, galveston area through new orleans, through mobile, through the panhandle of florida all the way up into norfolk? in fact, the delmarva, the va is under a winter storm warning. that's unusual. that's the system we're watching for tomorrow night. tomorrow dress for the single digits for the kids. cover their faces, hats, whole bit. bus stop temperatures 8 to 18, breezy all day, wind chills in the afternoon 0 to 10 above, but remember 0 to 10 below in the morning and slight snow or flurries possible tuesday night, not a big storm. overnight clear to partly cloudy, breezy, very cold, 8 to 18, winds out of the northwest 10 to 20. by morning mostly sunny, breezy, cold, single digits and
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teens, wind northwest 10 to 15. clouds begin to roll in around lunchtime. these are downtown temps, 12 at 7:00, 14 at 9:00. maybe we get to 19 by 1 p.m., clouds on the way in. we got that snow tomorrow night, more snow south and east of town for southern maryland, maybe a coating down towards charles and st. mary's county, returning mostly sunny wednesday, still cold, 27. we'll bust the freezing mark thursday, temperatures 37 with sunshine. next seven days friday maybe a little early morning snow or rain showers, temperatures back in the 40s and stronger system of rain comes in saturday and sunday. we flirt with 50 and next monday we're back to 42 which is not bad, about average. >> it's hard to believe we're going to see 50 this weekend as cold as it is right now. >> that's good. we've got one more football game, but folks need to get used to the idea we're going to be talking basketball. >> plenty of basketball and
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tonight it's all the college games. it's a great time of year as march madness gets closer. tonight we take you to the hardwood, the georgetown hoyas in a tough battle with villanova, could they can you start tomorrow?
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yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves.


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